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Fort Mifflin 2017

Posted by Olde City Paranormal on November 03, 2016  • Contact Us  • 

We have just received a letter from Fort Mifflin and they have been flooded with such a great response from the "Sleep with the Ghosts" event with the assistance of Olde City Paranormal, that Fort Mifflin has decided to book us in for the, "Sleep With The Ghosts" event for 2017! So if you didn't make it to this Halloween event with, us make sure you sign up for the 2017 event for a night to Remember!

96.5 AMP and Fort Mifflin Update

Posted by Olde City Paranormal on October 27, 2016  • Contact Us  • 

Above, Olde City Paranormal Founder John Levy and Glenn Orwan III headed to 96.5 AMP Headquarters on October 26, 2016 to have a recorded session done with Cage and Bex In the Morning with Jason Cage and Bex (Beth). John Levy gives Olde City Paranormal fans a follow up of that recorded episode with the Cage and Bex in the Morning Show this morning (October 26, 2016) and how it went.

The recorded episode will air on the following Dates:
October 28, 2016: 8:00am (EST)
October 31, 2016: 8:00am (EST)

You can listen live on your computer by visiting 96.5 AMP Radio's website and stream by following the link below:

96.5 AMP Radio Stream

John also talks about the upcoming event, "Sleep with the Ghosts" Hosted by Fort Mifflin in which Olde City Paranormal will spend an enter night from October 29, 2016 at 7pm to October 30, 2016 at 8am. Again, for more information about this event and for live updates for those who cannot attend please visit:

Fort Mifflin Investigation Facebook Event

Fort Mifflin Investigation!

Posted by Olde City Paranormal on October 27, 2016  • Contact Us  • 

Join us as Olde City Paranormal heads to Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, for an overnight investigation, "Sleep with the Ghosts" from October 29, 2016 at 7pm to October 30, 2016 at 8am. If you would like to attend this investigation or you would like to stay updated at home throughout the this investigation please follow the link below. All live updates, pictures, video, EVP, etc. will be found in the discussion tab of this event and on our website once the investigation has concluded.

Fort Mifflin Investigation Facebook Event

Alexis, a reporter from Metro Philly, will be joining us for this investigation and will be doing an article in the future on Olde City Paranormal in regards to her experience. If you would like to also attend Fort Mifflin's event, Advanced Tickets are $90.00 per person and must be purchased on Fort Mifflin's website.

Purchase Tickets Now for "Sleeping with the Ghosts" at Fort Mifflin.

Also check out Olde City Paranormal's recent interview at Fort Mifflin with John McDevitt from KYW News and the television segment of Olde City Paranormal on CBS News by following the name of the article below:

Philly Police Officers Lead Ghost Hunting In Old City