Olde City Paranormal

Philadelphia's Hometown Paranormal Research Team

John Levy

Founder and CEO

John Levy is a Philadelphia Police Officer and Co-Founder and Lead Investigator of Olde City Paranormal. He is married to Amanda Levy who is also a fellow Olde City Paranormal investigator.

"Since becoming an investigator i have learned to appreciate the paranormal and the history behind most locations that i have investigated."

As a proud member of United Paranormal International, John has become a pioneer in the paranormal field, going above and beyond the call of duty specializing in fund raising for many historic locations in and around the Philadelphia area.

"I love giving back to history and if the Federal Government isn't going do the job of keeping history alive then my team and I will!"

Bill Fritz

Paranormal Investigator

Bill Fritz is a Paranormal Investigator at Olde City Paranormal and a Computer Analyst.

"I have always had an interest in the paranormal ever since I was about 7 years old. I have had a couple of encounters with the paranormal. My goal is to help people understand paranormal activity and to help them cope with it."

George Feinstein

Paranormal Investigator and Case Researcher

George Feinstein is a Philadelphia Police Officer who brings professionalism and expert investigative skills to the Olde City Paranormal team. Apart from being a Paranormal Investigator, George is the team's Case Researcher. He studies the history of the location that the team will investigate, current events as well as eye witness testimony and paranormal experiences.

Amanda Levy

Paranormal Investigator

Amanda Levy is a Philadelphia Police Officer and a Paranormal Investigator at Olde City Paranormal. Amanda's many years of experience as a Police Officer takes her investigative skills to a whole new level. She is married to John Levy who is the Co-Founder of Olde City Paranormal.

"Investigating the paranormal has always interested me especially after growing up in my home in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, PA where i had numerous paranormal experiences growing up. I now shift my investigative skills from the street to many haunted locations in the Tri-State area."

Mike Kacey

Paranormal Investigator

Mike Kacey is an old Automotive Shop Foreman and a Paranormal Investigator for Olde City Paranormal.

"I have been in the paranormal field as a hobby for over 15 years now. My interest has always been peaked and it grows stronger everyday with the invent of better and more reliable equipment to prove or disprove paranormal experiences in which I’m glad to say that I’ve had several of. I go into every investigation as a skeptic and try my hardest to debunk what other people may consider paranormal. The most important part of the investigation is to help anyone that thinks they are having a paranormal experience and to either confirm or explain what they are feeling and assure them that no harm will come to them."