Olde City Paranormal

Philadelphia's Hometown Paranormal Research Team

Cell Sensor

Analog EMF Meter

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meters detect extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere. A Cell Sensor is an analog EMF Meter that delivers audible and visual alerts upon detection and includes a remote probe for ease of measurement. Readings on all EMF Meters are in milliGaus (mGauss). The measurement range on a Cell Sensor is 0 to 5 mGauss. The range from this meter to an active electromagnetic field is 6 feet.

Some believe that when a spirit or ghost manifests it gives off an electromagnetic field. Contrarily, others believe that when a spirit or ghost manifests it needs energy to do so. In an area where there is a high electromagnetic field, the spirit or ghost may draw in this electromagnetic energy and manifest itself. Either way this phenomena can be picked up and read by using an EMF Meter like a Cell Sensor. High levels of electromagnetic energy can make a person very ill and can even cause both auditory and visual hallucinations. Scientific studies have neither proven or disproven this as the cause of paranoral activity one may experience.

Electromagnetic Field Tester

Digital EMF Meter (EMF-822A)

An Electromagnetic Field Tester is a Digital EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter. It is used to measure industrial, scientific and paranormal electromagnetic field radiation levels. It is the same as the Cell Sensor but has a digital display instead of an analog display. It is designed to provide a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field levels and it measures in both milliGaus or microTesla. The measurement range on an EMF Field Tester has wider range than that of the analog meter. It's measurement range is 0.1 mGauss to 199.9 mGauss over the ELF range of 30 to 400 Hz which is wider range than the analog meter.


Flashlight Equiped With Colored Lenses

Olde City Paranormal uses clip on flashlights like these to help them see in the dark and so they can see what the readings are on their equipment during an investigation. The flashlights also are equipped with different color lenses (red, yellow, blue, purple, green, and orange) in order to not interfere with infrared lighting. The best color lens to use in the dark is red because red light is the easiest for one's eyes to adjust to in the dark. Another reason red light is used is so the investigators do not get spotted from a distance from other investigators because red light is the hardest to see from a distance. Flashlights should not be pointed at the lenses of a 35mm camera, digital camera, handheld video cameras or DVR cameras because the light may cause damage to the lenses.

DVR Recorder

DVR Recorder with Infared Cameras

Infrared Cameras are used in combination with a DVR Recorder to allow investigators to view in real time and record in complete darkness which is ideal for all paranormal investigations in gathering evidence of paranormal activity.  By using the DVR system, this enhances their chance of capturing activity on video because they can use up to 4 cameras, at different locations, at a time. The range of the cameras is 0 to 70 feet. Investigators are able to view one camera at a time or in a 4-way split screen and they are able to either speed up or slow down the recording for better analysis.

IR Thermometer

An IR Thermometer detects surface temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. IR stands for Infrared. The thermometer shoots out an infrared beam hitting a surface and relaying the temperature of the surface back to you.

In theory when a spirit or ghost starts to manifest it will draw in heat energy around the area causing either a cold or hot spot. A cold spot would form because the heat energy is being sucked out of the air, causing the air around the entity to be cold. A hot spot would form because the heat energy is being sucked out of the air and confined to a specific area, causing a hot spot.

K-2 Meter

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter

A K-2 Meter is a popular EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter used by all paranormal investigators that detects electromagnetic fields caused by a spirit or a ghost when it manifests. A ghost or spirit can also manipulate the electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere and can communicate with investigators using the K-2 Meter by lighting up the LED lights to a yes or no question.

The unit of measurement on all EMF meters is milligauss (mGauss). The range on the K-2 Meter is 1 to 20+ mGauss. The range from the meter to the active field is 0 to 6 feet. Normal activity through this meter is 0 to 2mGauss. Paranormal activity occurs between 2.5 to 10mGauss. Any readings above 10mg is probably non paranormal. There are many things that can throw off EMF readings, such as speakers, electrical wires, television sets, computers, appliances, electrical outlets, bad wiring, power lines, etc. Extreme levels of electromagnetic energy can be hazardous to your health.

Laser Grid

Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation Grid

A Laser Grid is best used indoors in low light or total darkness. The more ambient light will degrade the range and effectiveness of the projected beam.

When a laser beam is projected into an area and a paranormal entity crosses the beam, it will break the beam. This will give a visual confirmation of the presence of an entity or a shadow figure even if it is not visible to the naked eye. By using spread laser beams it can be possible to determine the size and shape of the entity as it passes through the laser grid. To cover a wider area the laser beam should be spread horizontally. It should also be spread vertically to cover low passing entities. A cross head spread laser grid works the best.

Motion Detectors

PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detectors

Motion sensors have been used by many paranormal teams and have proven to be useful. There are many types of motion sensors. There are some that give off their own radiation that when reflected off of something, the alarm will sound indicating movement. The PIR, or passive infrared, motion dectectors are the most popular among paranormal teams. The reason is that these PIR motion sensors do not give any sort of light or radiation field of their own but simply are just sensors. The PIR sensors will sound due to temperature changes. Anything above absolute zero will be detected if it passes in front of these sensors. When ghosts or spirits use the energy in the environment around us, they use the energy or heat to manifest themselves. When this "heat" is passed in front of the motion sensor, they will sound due to the fluctuation in temperature. The sensors in these are also set to not go off due to small objects or living things. False alarms with these are rare and that is why they are widely used in the field of paranormal investigating.

Digital Recorders

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Recorders

Digital recorders are the most common tool for paranormal investigators. These recorders allow investigators to pick up EVP's or electronic voice phenomenon. In theory these are the voices of the dead recorded in low frequencies. Ghosts or spirits speak at a frequency rarely heard by the human ear. The microphones on voice recorders are sensitive enough to pick up those frequencies within the ambient white noise produced through a voice recorder.

EVP's are divided into 3 classes. Class A which is when an EVP has full vocal tone and can be interpreted the same by everyone present. Class B which is a clear response, but not quite as clear as a Class "A". This type of EVP may need audio amplification and it may interpreted different by each person present. Class C is an EVP that even with enhancement, still may not be clear enough to consider a valid EVP and is left to interpretation by each person present.